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About Us

At FBY Security Services, we’ve made it our goal to provide our customers with the best security services in all of New York, and we’ve served innumerable customers in New York City and the surrounding areas. Below, you can learn more about our company, our vision and corporate values, and what we do.












Our vision is for FBY Security Services to provide the most comprehensive, adaptable and professional security services in all of New York City. In service of this vision, we make it a point to go above and beyond the call of duty. All of our guards and employees go through customer service training and additional education, ensuring a great customer experience. In addition, we have adopted an ISO 9001:2000 Total Quality Management System to ensure the satisfaction of each and every client who we serve.

Our Vision


Our mission is to provide security services to every business, organization and other agencies in New York City that need help securing and protecting their facilities. We take public safety seriously, and our goal is to ensure that innocent members of the public are protected from vandalism, fires, theft and more. You can trust us to conduct ourselves with pride and professionalism, in service of this goal.

Our Mission


Our core values consist of 10 different aspects of our business, which we believe are indispensable, and allow us to provide the best security services in all of New York City and the surrounding areas.

Our Values

Integrity – We focus on conducting ourselves with integrity, ensuring you can trust our guards, and expect the best from each and every one.

Strong Customer Focus – When you’re not happy, we aren’t either. We put our customers first, ensuring you get exactly the services you need.


Honesty – Honesty is the best policy, and at FBY Security Services, we pledge to be honest in all of our business dealings with our clients, and to build a trustworthy relationship. 


Professionalism – We take pride in being professionals. All of our security guards have received training in excess of NYC security guard training requirements, ensuring we can handle any situation.


Efficiency – AT FBY Security Services, we want our clients to be able to do more with less, and focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


Accountability – Mistakes are rare, but when they happen, we make it a point to hold ourselves accountable, so that we can understand how we may improve.


Innovative – From using advanced security technology to adapting today’s best security best practices, we innovate when our competitors don’t, ensuring you get the best services.


Loyalty – Our loyalty is the reason that our customers keep coming back to FBY Security Services. Our dedicated professionals will always prioritize your needs first. 


Adaptability – Security situations can change in an instant, so we empower our employees with the tools they need to adapt and respond properly.


Teamwork – No man is an island. Teamwork – both with other security guards and your employees – is key for a safe, secure environment.

For more information about our corporate values, you can contact us now for an interview and consultation. We’d be happy to tell you more about each one, and why our core values are so important to us. 


As a professional security organization, we make it our mission to educate our security personnel and ensure that they are empowered to make the right decisions in difficult situations. With both classroom and real-world training, our personnel can respond correctly to any problem. When you work with FBY Security Services, you’ll only get the very best security guards, trained professionally for their role. That’s a guarantee.

Professional Organization

Professionl org

Our commitment is to satisfy our customers, and put their needs first. We take great pride in delivering the best security services in New York City, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is part of the commitment to our clients around the city. If you are ever unhappy with our services in any way, we want to hear about it – and we will make it right.

Our Commitment

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