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We offer a wide range of security guard services in New York City and the surrounding areas. With a large pool of security personnel, we are prepared to handle clients of any size. Whether you need a single guard to work in your apartment building, or you need several guards to patrol an industrial site or protect an executive, fire watch for construction company’s or residentials we’re here to help. Learn more about our services below.

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Uniformed Armed Security Guards

One of the best ways to discourage crime, vandalism, and theft is with an on-site, armed and uniformed security guard. We can provide as many guards as you require, and all of our personnel are certified and trained as armed professionals, ensuring the safety of the public and your employees or personnel. Our armed security services are ideal for high-risk areas like banks, educational institutions, hospitals, and other such areas where many members of the public may be exposed to danger.

Our uniformed unarmed security guards can help patrol your facility and ensure the safety of your employees and your building, and are ideal if you need additional protection, but wish to avoid armed guards. Retail stores, shopping malls and entertainment facilities, for example, can benefit from the presence of our unarmed guards.


Uniformed Unarmed Security Guards


Executive Guards

We employ numerous personnel who are well-versed in the personal protection of executive and other VIP persons. Our executive guards will function as your personal bodyguards, providing physical protection, and can be either unarmed or armed, at your request. All of our executive guards undergo extensive training, and put the safety and security of your executives and other important persons first.

Vehicle patrol is ideal for larger areas, such as construction zones, large parking lots at malls, and other places where there may be multiple opportunities for vandalism and burglary, and on-foot officers are not enough to deter crime. We supply both highly-trained security officers and patrol vehicles, and can provide as many patrolmen as you need to protect your property, and secure it from criminal activity.

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Vehicle Patrol


Temporary Guard Services

If you need guards for a special event, such as a festival or parade, or you simply need to augment your own security staff with additional officers, we’re here to help. We offer flexible temporary guards services, and we can provide you with our services for just a few hours – or up to several months or weeks, depending on your needs. No job is too short or too long for our staff, so please get in touch right away to let us know about your security needs.

If you wish to cut costs by outsourcing security services to another company, or you need additional, permanent security officers for your facility, we’re here to help. We can provide you with permanent, long-term guards who will work full-time at your location, ensuring that you get the protection you need. We offer reasonable rates and certified, professional personnel, so contact us for more details now.

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Permanent Guard Services

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Fire Watch

(FDNY-Certified Fire Guards)

To avoid fines and ensure the safety of employees, residents, guests and more, certain buildings in NYC, such as all hotels and motels, construction sites that lack sprinkler systems, and some high-rise office buildings require staffing with an FDNY-certified fire watch guard. At FBY Security Services, we can provide you with the staff you need to ensure the safety of your property, and avoid potential fines and penalties.

We provide security services for lobbies and concierge, tracking individuals and guests who leave and enter the building, and addressing issues like loitering, trespassing and other such issues, and ensuring a safe environment for your employees or tenants. Our personnel are trained in the latest security best practices, and also deliver friendly service to make guests, employees and tenants feel welcome.

Lobby Concierge .jpg

Lobby Concierge Services


Customer Service Skills

All of our security personnel must undergo a mandatory customer service training program. This ensures that we deliver the best service in the field, and that our personnel can maintain a professional demeanor even in difficult situations. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priority. 

We can provide you with one or multiple armed or unarmed security guards at residential buildings, gated communities, and apartment complexes, ensuring the safety and comfort of all of your residents. We can patrol the area on foot or in vehicles, observe security cameras for illicit activity, respond to tenant complaints and more, protecting your property and your reputation.


Tenant Services

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