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Fire-Watch / Hot Work

A fire watch service is a provisional agreement with a patrol or person physically checking a property to detect extreme fire hazard situations. Such personnel are usually hired when the probability of fire-related incidents is high, and fire detection or sprinkler systems are impaired, damaged by a natural disaster, not working due to a power outage, or undergoing routine maintenance while ‘hot work’ construction occurs on a site.

If soldering, riveting, welding, brazing, flame-cutting, or any other hot work procedures occur, the fire watch personnel keeps a check and devises a pre-planned strategy to execute a fast evacuation.  

Security Guard

Why Hire Fire Watch Guard Services?

Fire watch guards are typically deployed to ensure safety in situations where there is an extremely high risk of ignition. Hot work watch employed in our licensed security services company is trained extensively to protect vulnerable equipment, infrastructure, employees, capital, and property from dangerous, unforeseen fire hazards.

The world has witnessed tragic fire accidents that have resulted in the total loss of businesses, warehouses, factories, hotels, and apartment buildings. This is why choosing the right security guard company is crucial as a means of proactive crisis management for any residential or commercial structure.

FBY Security Services provides dependable, proficient, and expert-level fire watch guard services to minimize risk or loss in case an unfortunate event occurs at a site. When you first connect with us, we promptly dispatch an OSHA-certified professional to monitor all exposed areas. They are certified and trained to be aware of ways to sound an alarm immediately if they detect a fire.

One Trained Professional Can Sometimes Make The Difference Between A Minor Accident And A Catastrophe

When the security or fire alarm systems are down for any reason, a human detection system is the next best thing to ensure the safety and security of everything and everyone on the site. Since fire events are inevitable, choosing a security guard services company that promptly responds in just one call is crucial.

While advancements in technology may have led to smart solutions that provide a wide array of convenient services, keeping human fire watch guards around round the clock is the best defense against any potentially disastrous incidents.  

Get in touch with us to learn more about our fire watch guards service or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York City. 

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