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Uniformed Unarmed Security Guard Services

The discreet presence of uniformed guards on a worksite plays a critical role in controlling crimes, misconduct, and violence in the surroundings. While many believe only armed security guard services are appropriate for high-security levels, unarmed security guard services are deemed one of the most effective ways to protect valuable assets, loved ones, and whatever is most essential for you.

At FBY Security Services, we host a team of highly qualified, trained, and licensed unarmed security personnel to ensure maximized protection for your site.

When you connect with experts at our security guard company in NY & NJ to consult or discuss aspects of your unique security needs, we devise a custom-tailored security strategy that best suits your situation or worksite so that you can benefit from the most effective solution by your budget.

Most clients at our licensed security guard company hire our uniformed unarmed security guards on top of pre-existing security structures, such as alarm or monitoring systems, to ensure the provision of necessary responses in the unfortunate event of a security breach or an emergency.

Benefits of uniformed Unarmed Security Guard Services

Whether you hire permanent or temporary security guards, these unarmed trained professionals act as your first line of defense against criminals, unwanted trespassers, or angry customers. The presence of uniformed security guard services is often enough to deter vandals or thieves from any misconduct or attempt to destroy your property, steal valuable items, or cause a scene.

In case any undesirable situation arises, the uniformed unarmed security guards are usually the first ones to act, using their extensive training and superior skills to immaculately handle emergencies, such as active security threats or fires. While these pros don’t carry weapons, their distinctive training allows them to resolve any conflicts via the various tactics swiftly learned over years of dealing with high-risk situations in the industry.  

Even the mere presence of uniformed security personnel on a premise instills a sense of safety and comfort in vendors, guests, employees, and other visitors. By hiring our licensed security guard services, you can also tell them that you care about them and will go the extra mile for their protection.

FBY Security Services understands that security is vital, but the affordability of security guard services is also crucial. Whether you need top-notch unarmed security guard services, residential security services, permanent guard services, construction site security services, or special event security services in New York and New Jersey, our security guard company offers customized security solutions that you can rely on, and that too at competitive rates!

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York and New Jersey. 

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