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Lobby Concierge Security Services

Custom-Tailored Lobby Concierge Security Services

At FBY Security Services, we understand the importance of creating the best first impression on anyone who enters your business. We are an innovative security guard company dedicated to providing our clients with first-class lobby concierge security services in NY and NJ.

High-rise buildings and hotels usually hire concierge security services. Their purpose is to make the visitors, residents, or tenants feel like premier guests during their stay. Qualified security officers are in charge of ensuring the staff and clients feel safe and welcome on the premises.

Concierge members of our staff are trained in every possible duty within the reception lobby area and front desk, such as greeting guests, assisting them with their check-ins/check-outs and luggage, delivering newspapers or mail, access control, screening, and monitoring every package, managing multiple contractors, managing the security of the building, and reporting any reactive maintenance issues to the owners while mitigating the risk of loiters or dangerous criminal activities or hazards.

Being in the security industry has enabled us to comprehend the varying protocols of different businesses regarding safety and security. We provide custom-tailored security guard services to each individual client to suit their unique needs. Our presentable, approachable, professional, and friendly permanent or temporary security guards strive to create a memorable yet safe experience for your staff and visitors. Whether you prefer unarmed or armed security guard services, our personnel are trained to stay alert about their surroundings and react promptly in an emergency to avoid any significant loss or creation of an unwanted scene.

Concierge Security Services By Reputable Licensed Security Services Company

Improve your corporate image by hiring friendly, dependable, and attentive front-line defense personnel for your building as they serve as the first and last contact for every individual entering or exiting the premises.

Whether you're an SME or a large business, FBY Security Services offers exceptional concierge security services to clients in New York City. Apart from ensuring all the SOPs are being appropriately followed, personnel from our lobby concierge security services also ensure that rules and regulations are being followed by staff and visitors and that only authorized persons enter the company's buildings.

Lobby concierge security services involve expert monitoring, leading to decreased risk of vandalism, liabilities loss, theft, and other crimes, prompt response to emergencies, and a noticeable increase in overall safety.  

The warm and friendly greetings allow a good, lasting impression to be made on clients, and it give a professional outlook with added security and integrity. We also offer invaluable insights and reports that assist our clients in advancing and securing future safety protocols.

Contact us to learn more about our services or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York and New Jersey. 

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