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Customer Service Skills

When we think of security guard services, an image comes to our minds of armed personnel patrolling the area to deter criminal activity, such as burglary, shoplifting, theft, vandalism, and other kinds of harassment and violent crimes.

Well, indeed, safeguarding a premise and protecting the visitors, staff, and other valuable assets is the primary job of a permanent or temporary security guard; personnel at FBY Security Services are trained to provide a lot more, apart from ensuring everyone stays safe.

In fact, it’s safe to say that customer service and security guard services go hand in hand. While it's crucial to remain professional and serious in an emergency or challenging situation, coming across as disinterested or unapproachable will only make a security officer's job harder, especially if customers perceive you as unhelpful or unfriendly, which can lead to lowered customer satisfaction.

At FBY Security Services, we know that security personnel is the first point of contact any customer has with a business. They not only remain alert and keep a security log of all visitors entering or exiting the premises, but their awareness also means they can deescalate any unwanted situation promptly.

Call Center Employee

Why acquiring customer service skills is vital when personnel joins our security guard company

When anyone joins our security guard company, we train them to maintain a confident but calm and friendly tone with customers so that they can feel relaxed and secure. This is particularly helpful for clients who often have to deal with angry or irritated customers. Like true gentlemen, our security officers always open doors for customers and help them carry heavy or large items. They also work closely with the client to ensure they are well-versed with the business premises' minute details to escort each customer and provide them with accurate and thorough directions.

While employing licensed security guard services has always been essential to smooth out the process of asking visitors for identification, helping them put their belongings through the security scanner, or ensuring all company policies are being adhered to has made it crucially important to ensure all SOPs are being followed so that everyone remains safe during the global health crisis.

Apart from being problem solvers, our security personnel is also trained to provide a prompt response during emergencies or if someone needs help, whether it's a customer who has been mistakenly locked out of the car, someone who requires basic CPR, or an employee who needs to report auto theft, our guards can tackle a multitude of incidents professionally.

Contact us to learn more about our services or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York and New Jersey. 

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