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We offer a wide portfolio of security services across every industry. With a deep pool of highly qualified personnel who have been trained in security tactics by expert ex-military and special forces personnel, you can trust FBY Security Services to provide the best protection for your facility, no matter your industry. 


Below are a few of the industries that we commonly serve. If you do not see your industry listed, don’t worry – we can still provide you with expert security services. For a detailed quote, contact us with more information about the type of job, required personnel, length of the contract, and more. 


Retail Environments

Security in a retail environment is the best way to discourage crime, minimize shrinkage, and keep your shoppers safe and comfortable. The presence of our uniformed security officers helps minimize the risk of shoplifting, which enhances profits. In addition, our officers help mitigate other common issues like loitering, soliciting, and vandalism. We are available 24/7 for patrol and enforcement during working hours and when your facility is closed to the public.

Construction Sites

Security protection of construction sites is critical to prevent the theft of construction materials, trespassing, and vandalism. We offer foot patrols and vehicle patrols, ensuring we can protect construction sites of all sizes. We also offer FDNY-certified fire guards, which are generally required on-site on all construction projects that lack sprinkler systems, making us an all-in-one solution for the security and safety of your project.

Distribution Warehouses

To protect the safety of your workers and your products, we can provide security personnel to work in your distribution facility or warehouse. Whether you’re concerned about employee theft, vandalism, or any other security problem, our expert security professionals have you covered. 


From apartment buildings to gated neighborhoods and HOAs, our patrol officers can serve residential facilities of all sizes, discourage vandalism and trespassing, identify suspicious individuals, and monitor security equipment to identify potential areas of concern. 


If you are concerned about security in your restaurant or have dealt with issues such as unruly customers or threats from disgruntled employees in the past, an on-site security officer can help you protect both your customers and your employees. We will ensure a safe, comfortable environment for everyone present in your restaurant.

Office Buildings

,We offer 24/7 security services to office buildings, to ensure that no unauthorized personnel enter, and that all employees in the building are safe. From monitoring security footage to foot patrols, concierge/check-in service, door service and more, we do it all – keeping your office building safe from vandalism, theft, threats of violence and more. 

Malls And Shopping Centers

We specialize in patrolling malls and shopping centers during and after business hours. Our officers can patrol the area on foot, identify potential security threats and areas of concern during business hours, and keep your building safe from theft and vandalism after the facility has closed.


Our uniformed, armed guards are ideal if you need to discourage potential bank robbers, and keep your banking customers safe – and prevent employee theft and other such issues.


We can provide security services to hotels of any size, ensuring the safety and security of all of your guests. We also offer FDNY-certified fire guard services, which are required by law for all hotels and motels in New York.

Parking Lots

Our officers can patrol lots of any size on foot or by using vehicles, preventing vandalism to parked cars, identifying illegally parked cars, and looking for signs of illicit or illegal activity – ensuring your parking lot and reputation are protected.

Health Facilities

We provide security to help protect health facilities against threats of violence and unruly individuals, monitor guest check-ins, patrol hospitals and other facilities to identify suspicious activity, and more.

Education Facilities

If you need more protection at your educational facility, you can hire FBY Security Services to augment your school resource officers or on-campus police force. We provide all the services you need to protect your school from threats of violence, illegal activity, and more.

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