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Distribution Warehouses

Fundamentally, the layout of warehouses and distribution centers is such that it involves unique security challenges due to the large volume of outbound and inbound traffic, multiple access points, storage of valuable machinery and products, and more. At FBY Security Services, we have extensive experience providing reliable security guard services in NJ and NY.

The purpose of warehouses is to provide ease of access and enable the unloading of materials. Since a lack of adequate security can adversely affect the supply chain, whether a distribution facility or warehouse stores merchandise, pharmaceutical supplies, or anything else, our security personnel are trained to ensure that all valuable stock housed in the facility stays in perfect condition. Vandalism and theft are among the most recurring risks faced by such facilities.

Our licensed security services company offers custom-tailored, comprehensive security solutions for distribution and warehousing companies to mitigate the risk of criminal activities. The presence of permanent guard services is often enough to make life difficult for criminals or unauthorized individuals intending to trespass or hinder the free movement of goods or staff. Our robust guards undergo top-of-the-line training to monitor the stock at logistic companies at all times, during, and after working hours for optimized loss prevention.


Incessant Security Guard Services For Remote Distribution And Warehouse Companies

Most warehouses and distribution facilities are located in remote industrial areas, which makes them susceptible to vandals, thieves, and other potential threats that can hamper your business's success.

Our unarmed and armed security guard services can monitor all your access and exit points, manage the reception and gatehouse, perform regular vehicle and staff checks, and design 360-degree security solutions for smoother and safer everyday operations. They are trained to stay alert and check for indicators of weapons, intoxication, hidden or stolen merchandise, and keep an eye on unauthorized persons that can cause unwanted situations.

Given the distance factor involved in locations of distribution warehouses, an emergency situation where healthcare or police personnel are needed can be handled temporarily by our guards as they are also well-versed with the basics of CPR, evacuations, dealing with shooter situations, or other criminal or violent situations that require immediate emergency response tactics.

Distribution and warehouse owners or managers can also opt for our concierge security services and unarmed security guard services as customer service representatives. While they are essentially unarmed, they're still equipped with cutting-edge skills needed to maintain a visitor log, screen incoming and outgoing items, maintain law and order, and make staff and visitors feel secure.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York and New Jersey. 

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