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Malls And Shopping Centers

On the one hand, a majority of people love to visit the malls while on the other, they loathe the jam-packed premises of malls. For businesses, crowds are deemed a good thing, but that's not always the case. Sometimes, these mobs may spell trouble for business owners in the form of theft, shoplifting, vandalism, and other violent crimes.

If you're part of the mall establishment, you must ensure the safety of staff, visitors, customers, and the buildings of the mall or shopping center at all times.

At FBY Security Services, we offer reliable security guard services for shopping malls or centers. We house a team of skilled security personnel that specializes in patrolling public premises both on foot and on state-of-the-art vehicles to ensure optimal inside and outside safety. Our services include permanent and temporary security guards patrolling the shopping centers and malls during and after business hours to keep the building safe from vandals or thieves even when the facilities are closed.

Security Guard Services For Shopping Malls And Shopping Centers In New Your City

Our highly experienced guards understand the layouts of malls and devise comprehensive security plans to suit every space's unique needs. Our licensed security guard services include full coverage of cinemas, nourishment or food courts, stores, bathrooms, storage spaces, parking lots, and stopping zones by suggesting appropriate frameworks that optimize security.

Besides providing matchless security guard services, we also train our personnel to maintain a friendly, approachable yet confident face and tone with the visitors. While emphasizing sustaining rules and regulations is crucial, our security officers can also help guide those in need. Whether you opt for unarmed or armed security guard services, our officers are trained to remain vigilant of the surroundings and report any suspicious activities or persons by monitoring the area using their analytic skills.  

Hiring our licensed security services company provides a robust security system that leaves a lasting positive impression on visitors and tenants by creating a welcoming environment. Our security personnel deployed in parking lots of malls or shopping centers also ensure there’s no obstruction by towing violating or abandoned vehicles and enforcing parking rules and regulations while diffusing any kind of tensions before they escalate into unwanted dangerous situations.

Hire Security Services For Parties & Events

Our security guard company also offers special event security services if the mall owners are looking to host or celebrate special events.

Our executive protection services will also ensure VIP guests' safety, whether they're celebrities or other influential persons under potential threats. Along with being trained to evolve with the client's ever-changing needs, our security officers exhibit utmost respect and professionalism in their demeanor. They are also well-versed with the fundamentals of CPR, evacuations, dealing with shooter situations, or other criminal or violent situations that require immediate emergency response tactics.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our services or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York City. 

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