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Office Buildings

No matter how advanced your security system is, employing efficient security guard services is a vital component of ensuring any building's optimal safety. Even though crime rates keep fluctuating in New York City, unarmed or armed security guard services are crucial to ensure the safety of assets, staff, and visitors.

While most companies have a strict no-tolerance policy for preventing violence from occurring amongst employees, major threats are typically external. Vandalism, break-ins, theft, and other harassment or violent crimes are what a proficient security officer deters. Hiring skilled personnel from a licensed security guard company can help ensure an office building's safety and all of its components during and after business hours.

Over the years, the team at FBY Security Services has experienced that maintaining a strong security presence or being visible is sometimes enough to prevent criminal activity, and it inevitably makes the staff and visitors feel relaxed and safe.

Whether the building manager or owner opts for temporary or permanent security guard services or just wants extra security services for parties & events, all our personnel undergo extensive training to handle console operations and monitor stations, and patrolling proficiently.

Our priority is to ensure our personnel is capable of providing rapid response to emergencies, so we also provide basic CPR training, along with sharpening their skills of observing their surroundings and staying alert at all times so that they can report any maintenance issues, suspicious activity or person immediately.

Our security guard services can help keep your office building run safely and smoothly.

At FBY Security Services, we understand that our security officer might also be responsible for representing your company, which is why we only employ carefully selected personnel in our team that is capable of providing profound security guard services in NYC. Any business looking to make the right first impression should check out our concierge security services. We train our security officers to maintain a calm, confident, and friendly tone so that staff and visitors both feel welcomed. They are also instructed to stringently ensure all proper protocols are being adhered to in the office building while looking out for unwanted intruders who might potentially pose a threat to the building or people in it.

Apart from lobby concierge security services, we also offer Firewatch guards, special event security services, and executive protection services.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our services or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York City. 

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