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Vehicle Patrol

A lot of times, on-foot security personnel are not enough to deter unfortunate events, especially in larger areas, such as the parking lots of malls and contraction sites.

Trespassing, burglaries, vandalism, theft, and other crimes can cost you your peace of mind, along with your money. Luckily, all you need is a reliable security guard company that provides custom vehicle patrol services.

As New York’s leading security guard services provider, FBY Security Services offers round-the-clock, holistic vehicle patrol services for retail, commercial, residential and industrial properties.

We host a team of highly skilled personnel who are trained to handle logistics, crisis management, emergency response needs, and threat assessment. They are also certified with firearm and combat skills. They are trained to promptly offer solutions for high-risk situations that require the implementation of additional security measures.

Whether you prefer unarmed or armed security guard services, our personnel possess the knowledge and skills to carry out patrolling processes and provide detailed reports of each patrol. Our primary focus revolves around acknowledging the unique vulnerabilities of our clients' job sites and security requirements and devising customized plans and protocols to ensure the patrol plan is stringently adhered to.

FBY Security Services promises to meet your expectations in the following areas:

  • 100% transparency with reliable GPS tracking systems, written reports, voice recordings, real-time pictures, and more.

  • Prompt response and immediate accessibility whenever you need us the most.

  • Unparalleled accountability with detailed and accurate reports delivered promptly to your inbox.

The Professional Patrol Officers At Our Licensed Security Services Company Are Standing By To Serve You

As a dependable and trusted security guard service in New York City, we understand the need for affordable services, as everyone has a tight budget. We offer unmatched services at competitive rates. Here’s what you can expect from our patrol services.

  • Highly trained and certified patrol officers

  • Excellent outcomes with personalized services

  • Checking unlocked doors and locking/unlocking the property at required or specified times

  • Keeping a check on trespassers by watching windows and doors

  • Checking for property damage, theft, vandalism, etc.

FBY Security Services provides highly trained patrol officers and fully equipped vehicles, along with your required number of police officers to protect your property from any kind of criminal activity.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York City. 

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