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Tenant Services

These days, all people want to get a safe residence for their families, a place they can call home. Data reveals that most burglaries—one of the most common threats to commercial housing schemes and apartments—occur during the day when the residents are away for school, work, or any other reason.

Thieves typically carefully scout the property for days or weeks to analyze the time when the tenants aren’t usually home before entering the premises. Employing personnel from our security Guard Company can help thwart a burglary and deter vandalism, theft, and other types of criminal or violent activities.

At FBY Security Services, we extensively train our security officers to remain alert about their surroundings to detect suspicious activities or persons beforehand.

Tenants expect every commercial property owner to keep the building well-maintained to maximize the lease value. Licensed security guard services can help owners and property managers in ensuring tenants and visitors feel safe. Apart from tenant satisfaction, they can also keep a check-in maintenance requirements, assist the tenants or visitors in everyday chores, identify and mitigate risk and keep a log of everyone entering or exiting the premises.

Comprehensive Security Guard Services Gives Tenants Peace Of Mind And Makes Them Feel Safe

When people who intend to disrupt the peace of an apartment, residential building, or gated community see armed security guard services, they’re less likely to commit the crime. Apart from deterring crime, thefts, and break-ins, our security officers are also trained to get rid of people using drugs or performing any illegal acts.

Whether you hire permanent or temporary guard services, our security personnel go through extensive training, making them pros at giving prompt reactions during emergencies before the situation escalates. If a tenant comes across someone suspicious or needs assistance with anything, they can immediately contact our security officers, who are trained to address risky situations until the police arrive. Our guards are also well-versed with the basics of CPR, evacuations, and dealing with shooter situations, or other criminal or violent situations that require immediate emergency response tactics.

How Licensed Security Guard Services Benefit Property Owners

When a residential building is crime-free and safe, it inherently results in increased value as armed or unarmed security guard services are a great way to make the community and area safer. As a result, families and stable tenants are attracted. These tenants are credible, pay on time, and sign longer leases as no one wants to leave a safe place that makes them feel at home.

At FBY Security Services, we understand each property's unique security needs well, so we devise comprehensive plans to suit the client's requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our services or request a quote for matchless security guard services in New York and New Jersey. 

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