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  • Babatunde Fadairo

5 Reasons Why You Need Unarmed Security Guard Services

At first glance, it may look like armed security guard services are better at providing safety than unarmed ones. Unarmed guards are generally equipped with non-lethal weapons such as sprays, batons, and tasers to deter criminal or violent acts.

However, your choice of security personnel should be based on several factors that vary based on the premise and security needs.

Let’s help you understand and decide why unarmed security guard services are as good as armed ones.

1. Visible Discouragement

Generally, troublemakers that make disturbances are unarmed. A security guard discourages any intent to do that. Every security guard company has a patrol management system that ensures that the guards can handle any situation for protecting the property and the people.

If a situation escalates beyond the control of an unarmed guard, the patrol management system will call external help in real-time.

2. Budget-Friendliness

Unarmed security guards are more affordable than armed ones for obvious reasons. There are several costs involved in hiring armed security guards, including training, licensing, and arms. Unless you seriously need armed guards for your premises, unarmed security guards are an affordable choice for handling your security needs.

3. Unarmed Guards Create a Relaxed Environment

The very sight of a guard carrying a firearm can scare people and make them uncomfortable. At banks, people may feel comfortable with armed security guards, while at residential spaces, they might feel on edge.

Hiring an unarmed security guard for your premises other than banks or places that involve valuables isn’t appropriate. Save costs by hiring unarmed guards that make you feel at ease.

4. Avoiding Liability Consequences

Premise owners are held liable for the actions of their armed security guards. If the armed security guard uses their firearm for any reason that causes an injury or death, you will be held responsible.

If any legal action is taken, you might even lose your property or your security guard. You wouldn’t want to deal with all these unwanted charges because of an armed security guard.

An unarmed security guard is a better choice as they can handle your safety needs without causing any legal complications.

5. Your Premise Isn’t Prone to Violence

Depending on your property and whether it’s in a violent area or not, you can hire an unarmed security guard. Patrol management systems ensure that your property is safe and you’re kept updated about it in real-time. On the contrary, armed guards are used only for valuable properties such as banks or other organizations after plenty of considerations.

If you’re looking to hire licensed security guard services in NYC, we’ve got you covered. Our company offers a vast range of professional security guard services, including armed, unarmed, executive, commercial, and residential security services.

Our security guards are trained, licensed, and experienced in handling several complicated security situations. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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