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  • Babatunde Fadairo

4 Reasons You Need a Security Service for Your Business

The economic fallout from COVID-19 has lead to an increase in crime rates, not just in NYC, but across the country. With businesses slowly reopening, they’re at a greater risk of theft and robberies than ever before.

This blog post will highlight the importance of hiring a security guard service for your business.

1. Increasing Robberies

With rising crime rates, it has become more important than ever to hire a security guard service. Whether you’re running a large company or a small store in the city, you need a permanent security guard to protect your business and your employees at all times.

An armed security guard standing outside your business can prevent robbers and criminals from attacking you or your customers.

In case of a robbery at your store or office, your employees’ protection is your responsibility, and they can hold you accountable for the lack of security measures, which can cost you millions of dollars and harm your reputation as well. However, hiring a security guard service can save you from all of this.

2. Night time Patrolling

Criminals aren’t active during the day only. Statistics show that night time burglaries have been increasing in the country, and it’s common for thieves to enter buildings and stores when employees are away.

Hiring a 24/7 security guard service can help you stay safe and you can rest assured they’re monitoring your business at all times.

3. Angry or Drunk Customers

You never know when an angry or drunk customer can enter your store or office, and try to harm you and your employees. Absence of a security guard in such situations can put everyone’s life at risk.

Unarmed guards are experienced in dealing with such threats without the use of weapons and without inviting any further trouble.

4. Shootings

Store shootings are a harsh reality and you never know these things might happen. Having a security guard outside your store or office can give you, your customers and employees a greater sense of security. In case something goes wrong, a security guard can make sure that everyone inside is safe.

If you need to hire experienced security guards in New York City for your business, we can help. At FBY Security Services in NYC, we have both armed and unarmed security guards for residential and commercial buildings.

We have experience in providing security services to schools, hotels, malls, and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for temporary security guards or fire guard services, you can get in touch with us.

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