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Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guards: What’s Better

Making a security plan for your business or yourself may not be as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of aspects that you should consider depending on the severity of the situation.

Hiring a security guard can help minimize security risks. But if you're confused about whether you should opt for an armed guard or an unarmed one, here's a comparison between the two to help you decide:

Unarmed Security Guards For Lowkey Businesses

Unarmed security guards of NYC are popular because they provide a professional element of protection. They don’t carry weapons or firearms, but they do have pocket knives, tasers, or pepper spray.

They’re ideal for you if you have a business that's at a lower risk of being robbed or theft. Here are some pros of hiring unarmed security guards:

Customers Can Feel Comfortable At Your Facility

You can reach out to the security guard companies in New York to hire highly trained professional guards who can easily blend in with the crowd without a weapon. This helps them ensure customer's safety and comfort who won't feel threatened when visiting your facility.

They're More Affordable

Unarmed security guards are more affordable and accessible and offer fire security, event security, and residential security services.

If your property is covered with CCTV cameras or surveillance, it usually doesn’t require armed security, so hiring unarmed security guards might be a better option for you.

Armed Security Guards for High Risks

Here are some benefits of hiring armed security guards:

They can Handle Violent Situations

Armed security guards are efficient in handling any violation as they're trained for the situation and know how to use weapons like guns or rifles.

If you have high-end businesses like jewelry shops or factories, you should opt for armed services.

They're More Up-to-Date with Security Measures

They are up to date with the latest security measures to deal with crimes efficiently. However, they are expensive than unarmed guards as they have insurance liability because of weapons.

They're Trained

They are tested based on their physical and mental capability to examine whether they can take charge in tough situations. Armed guards are trained every day; they are more reliable and dependable when dealing with crimes, unlike unarmed guards. They can protect you from not only physical trauma but also from emotional scarring.

They are quick on their feet in case of any crime and help the police or higher authorities.

If you’re looking for a security guard company in New York, we can be of your help. At FBY Security Services, we provide licensed security guards and trained professionals. We offer executive protection services, concierge security, or guard services for various industries.

Contact us today to know more about us.

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