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Bank Heists: How Security Can Help Prevent Them

Thanks to a famous Netflix series, people everywhere are aware of how vulnerable banks are to burglaries and robberies. Banks, obviously, since they have the one thing these criminals are after—money—are an easy and often the first target.

Heists are getting more popular than ever—but why?

How Bank Heists Turn Out

Bank heists don’t happen on a whim. It isn’t like some robber had just headed out to rob some place and came across your bank, and decided “Oh, why don’t I hit this place today?”

They are carefully planned over a long period of time. If you have seen the movie Heat, you’ll know pretty much how a group of robbers plans a hit. They stake out your bank, with people watching the place from afar and making plans. Unless you have a professional outside who is keeping an eye on the people around the bank, there is no way you can find out whether or not your bank is going to be hit.

Banks are critical places, which are susceptible to burglaries because it is easy to stake them out, to keep an eye on the people who are coming in and going out, and to work out the various entrances and exits. Your responsibility is to ensure your bank is secured from all sides so as to avoid any unsavory incidents.

Preventing Heists

There’s not a lot that you can do if you ever got attacked (remember the opening scene from The Dark Knight? Imagine yourself in that situation), but you can do something to prevent it from ever happening. You can, at the very least, reduce the chances of it ever happening. Here are some things that you can do to prevent bank heists:

  • Be vigilant. If you are coming in to work at a less-populated hour, be aware of your surroundings.

  • Keep an eye on strangers you see lurking around the premises. If you see someone aimlessly roaming outside the bank more than a couple of times, alert your security immediately.

  • Always have functioning cameras heavily installed outside the premises, as well as inside. Even if you aren’t putting all that effort into surveillance, at least make it look like you are.

  • Keep an eye on your customers. Have an employee survey customers and clients from afar. Are there any customers coming in who are taking pictures of things they shouldn’t be taking pictures of? Are any of them loitering without a cause? Make a note of them, and accost them. Act concerned. They might be harmless, but if they aren’t, they’ll now be on their guard.

  • Hire a security guard or a professional service. These guys know how banks are kept safe, where the danger lies and lurks, and how they can better protect you.

Bank Security in NYC

Look no further than FBY Security Services in NYC if you are looking for professional security service for your bank. We also provide the same services to schools, hotels, malls, and restaurants.

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