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How to Ensure Safety of Your Employees and Customers

As an employer or business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. An inability to do so will not only affect your reputation but also cost you thousands of dollars in hefty fines. In case of a robbery, fire, or any other unfortunate event, you can be held accountable for not taking appropriate measures.

Fortunately, it's not too difficult to enhance the security of your workplace and protect people within your premises. This blog post will highlight some of the measures you can take to do so.

Hiring an Armed Security Guard

Hiring an armed security guard can help ensure the safety of everyone in your workplace. They can help prevent burglaries and break-ins and take appropriate measures to protect people in the premises, even if they have to risk their own life.

You can hire an unarmed security guard as well, but they won’t be able to do much in case of armed robbers. If your workplace has multiple entrances, you will need multiple permanent security guards present at all the entrances. You should also make sure that the guards you hire are from a licensed security services company.

Criminals aren't the only threat to your employees and clients. Workplace fires are also very common, and hence it's important to take necessary measures to prevent those. You can hire fireguard services for this purpose.

Security Cameras and Alarms

Simply hiring experienced security guards is not enough. You also need a proper security system in place. For instance, you will need to install security cameras at all points.

Similarly, you will need a secret alarm system that your employees can use to alert the guards and security agencies in case of any threat.

Check for Vulnerabilities

No matter how much you invest in your security system, it’s important to inspect it for vulnerabilities. Keeping your security system updated can save you from trouble.

Often, robbers tend to hide in places where you expect them the least. For instance, they may hide somewhere in the parking lot if it's not monitored. Similarly, they can hide in construction sites around your office and attack your employees or customers on their way. To avoid that, make sure you have security guards monitoring everything.

First Aid Equipment

Accidents are inevitable, and you must always be prepared to deal with any unexpected and unfortunate events. For that, you must have an emergency first aid kit and employees trained to handle it. Not having a first aid kit can put the lives of your employees and customers at risk.

If you have a business in NYC, then reach out to us for effective security services. At FBY Security Services, we can provide permanent and temporary security guards for your workplace. We have experience in ensuring security at schools, hotels, malls, restaurants, and many other places.

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