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Making Your Lobby Safer: 6 Steps You Can Take

Whether it’s an office or a hotel, the lobby is a central point in the building. It connects visitors with the rest of the building, functioning as a staging area through which all visitors must enter and exit.

Depending on the security measures you implement, the lobby can be a fortress or a weak link in your security plan.

A lobby featuring a reception desk and couches

Protecting Your Lobby

Beefing up your lobby’s security is crucial. A secure lobby safeguards your organization and protects your customer's privacy. There are several steps that you can implement to make your lobby a safer place.

Making the Lobby the Sole Point of Entry and Exit

Most modern buildings already use the lobby as the sole point of entry and exit for visitors. Using this layout can protect your business substantially. A singular point of access for visitors allows you to screen them more thoroughly. The reception in the lobby should be the first stop for visitors. You may also consider installing barriers such as turnstiles to shore up your office security.

Access Control

Implementing access control in unison with a visitor management system is essential. Access control can be implemented easily when there’s only a single point of entry and exit. Restricting access to office areas beyond the lobby can protect your employees and assets.

Use Employee and Visitor Passes

Using employee and visitor passes can prove beneficial in safeguarding your lobby. Using an electronic key-card system throughout your office can strengthen your security measures. You can provide employees access to areas pertinent to their job through their passes. Likewise, you can issue visitor passes for designated visitors whom security has cleared to proceed into the office.

Strategically Situate Security Guards

We recommend hiring a security guard service and situating them at vital chokepoints around the lobby. Security guards are well-versed in surveillance monitoring. They also act as deterrence against intruders and burglars. Whether you choose to hire armed security guard services or unarmed security guard services, their mere presence alone will reduce the odds of problematic incidents occurring.

Utilize a Digital System for Visitors

Many offices require visitors to sign in upon entry. Digitally conducting this process can aid your security measures as visitor’s information can be stored in a database. A digital visitor management system can also take pictures and recordings of the visitors. Digital records are quicker to comb through for future references. You can also use your digital logs to locate visitors in case of an emergency.

Take Advantage of Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

Remote monitoring and surveillance can make your lobby safer. We recommend installing video cameras and sensors. Pairing surveillance technology with security guards from a licensed security service provider will is the best option.

A security officer patrolling outside a building

Consult a Security Expert to Make Your Lobby Safer

We recommend consulting a security expert to make your lobby safer. A security services expert will assess your current level of security and find blind spots. An expert will also help you devise a more comprehensive security plan to improve your security protocols.

If you’re seeking a security guard company in New York City, FBY Security Services is the ideal solution for you. We offer numerous services ranging from lobby concierge security services to executive security guard services. Contact us today to make your office a safer place.

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28 ene 2022

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