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Needs For Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guards

An armed security guard with a gun

A security team is essential for maintaining order and preventing chaos. Your security needs may vary depending on your line of work, but a security detail is essential for protecting yourself and your valuables—whether you’re a high-end jewelry shop owner or a nightclub patron.

The security services market is one of the largest sectors in the US economy. Statistics show that the North American security services market generated over $32 billion in revenue in 2020.

Whether armed or unarmed, security guards provide several benefits to businesses. They offer security and act as deterrence against theft. Moreover, many security guard companies train their employees to handle criminal activities on a business’s premises.

While it’s apparent that your business requires a security detail, choosing between unarmed and armed security guards can be challenging. There are numerous things to consider before you make an informed decision.

The Difference between Armed and Unarmed Security

Armed security guards receive specialized training that enables them to operate weaponry. Armed guards will have licenses that allow them to carry and use weaponry if required. Unarmed security guards keep a watchful eye over your business. They deal with tricky with non-violence.

Why Your Business Might Need Armed Security?

Businesses located in an area with a high crime rate should consider hiring an armed security guard service. Moreover, if your store contains valuables, it may be a sensible decision to hire armed security. In addition, if your business handles large amounts of money, hiring armed guards may be feasible. However, it’s vital to note that while armed security deters criminals, it can make customers uneasy.

We recommend placing armed guards at the edge of your store’s perimeters and out of sight. Armed guards are more expensive to hire because of the training and functions involved.

A Case for Unarmed Security

An unarmed security guard service may be a more suitable option for your business. Unarmed security guards are ideal for companies that don’t house valuables on their premises. Businesses located in safer areas with low crime rates also don’t require armed security guards.

The job functions for unarmed security guards differ from armed security guards. Although unarmed security guards are cheaper to hire, their training doesn’t equip them to handle criminal activities. However, unarmed security guards are well-versed in surveillance monitoring, controlling access to restricted areas, conducting building patrols, and assisting customers or tenants.

It’s crucial to note that typically businesses bear legal liability for the actions of a security guard. Unarmed security guards are safer hires because their training equips them to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner.

An unarmed security guard monitoring the building

Protecting Your Business

We recommend using a security guard service to protect your business. FBY Security Services is a security guard company based in New York City. We provide our clients with the finest protection services. Our services help safeguard the interests of businesses in a wide array of sectors, ranging from education to banks.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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