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Questions to Ask When Hiring Security Guards for Your Event

Before enlisting the services of a security company, you must ask some essential questions before hiring them. Their responses can give you an idea of how well they will handle possible scenarios. These questions will help you decide whether a company is right for the job or not.

Is Your Company Licensed?

Acquiring the services of a licensed security officer ensures that the person you are hiring has undergone background checks, sufficient screening, and assessment. The Department of Public Safety only provides a license to individuals after thorough screening and tests. Moreover, hiring from a licensed security company ensures that complete details and identification of the person serving you are present in the company’s records.

What kind of training do you have?

This is crucial because you want to ensure that the security officers are physically fit and professionally trained. A security officer must have the ability to detain intruders and offenders until the authorities arrive.

Moreover, hiring skilled and experienced security guards can help prevent potential criminal activity. A security guard that stands strong and tall will appear an intimidating figure to potential offenders.

Furthermore, ensure that your security officer has adequate training in weapons tech, security techniques, public interaction, and risk assessment. A security guard capable of all these things can efficiently handle a varied range of outcomes.

How and When to Make a Citizen’s Arrest?

The security guard should be capable of making a citizen arrest even when it’s required. Also, make sure that the security officer is well aware of the fact that a citizen’s arrest should be legitimate, and the security officer is required to have clear evidence to support the arrest when authorities arrive.

If you’re looking for a security guard company in New York City that provides highly trained and licensed security guards for all kinds of events, FBY Security Services is the best solution for you. We offer numerous services ranging from Special Event Security Services to Security Services for Parties & Events. Contact us today to secure your life.

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