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Reducing Blind Spots in Your Security Plan: What You Need to Do

Blind spots in your security plan can leave your organization vulnerable. As such, you need to devise an airtight security plan.

But that can be a daunting task as special considerations must be made to account for employee oversight, technical failures, and numerous other hurdles that may arise.

Here’s how businesses can develop a foolproof security plan to protect their valuables and assets.

A security guard communicating via his earpiece

Key Elements of a Security System

There are three essential elements of a well-structured security system: access control, surveillance, and security testing. Security experts agree that these three components are vital in ensuring a business has an impenetrable security plan.

Access Control

Access control refers to the selective restriction of access to a place or resource. Access control is vital to protecting your business. There may be areas of your property or building that you don’t want customers or intruders entering. Restricting access to only certain members can help protect your business.

You can employ an unarmed security guard service to aid you in monitoring and preventing unverified employees or individuals from entering these restricted areas. In addition, installing video surveillance technology can be beneficial. Experts recommend using barriers like gates and doors to control the flow of foot traffic at access control points.

Many organizations also use access control systems in conjunction with key-card systems to limit employee access. Many large corporations will integrate their access control systems with visitor management systems. These integrated control systems allow organizations to designate required access to employees and visitors, preventing them from entering off-limit areas.


Using cameras for remote monitoring and surveillance is commonplace. Placing cameras in the proper places is vital to ensure there are no blind spots. Combining visible and concealed cameras is also a feasible strategy, acting as both deterrence and detection. Many modern systems today integrate sensors with cameras for added security.

We recommend using remote monitoring along with hiring extra guards from a licensed security guard company to safeguard your business from any potential threats.

An unarmed security guard surveillance monitoring

Security Testing

If an unexpected event does occur, you need to be prepared, making security testing is crucial. You can perform security testing by conducting regular safety drills. Carrying out exercises allows you to assess the safeguard measures you’ve implemented. Ensure that your security staff follows the adopted procedures from the security plan. Routine practice exercises can also help identify blind spots within the current system, allowing for adjustments.

Fortifying Your Security Plan

We recommend ensuring that the three crucial components of a security plan are meticulously implemented. If you’re seeking a licensed security service company, FBY Security Services can assist you. FBY Security Services is a security guard company based in New York City. We provide various services ranging from armed security guard services to hot work services. Contact us today for all your security needs.

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