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Addressing the 4 Common Misconceptions about Security Guards

The idea of hiring a security guard isn't new. Be it banks, offices, or residential buildings—everyone has them. Even after witnessing these men in uniform performing their duties every day, one can have many misconceptions about a security guard's role. The truth is, the role of a security guard is very different from that conceived by people. Here are five common misconceptions about security guards that paint a different picture about their duties in your head.

It's a Man's Job

Many people think that guarding premises is a man's job. Contrary to common belief, women are equally as good as men when it comes to offering their services as security guards. One might think that if this is the case, then why can't we usually see women offering their services as security guards? This is due to the preference of employers. As a matter of fact, there are certain valuable characteristics in women that are very much needed in a security guard's job. Women tend to be more empathetic, and their communication skills are widely recognized. Working together, men and women can be even more efficient in providing security services.

No Skill Required to be a Security Guard.

"Study well, or you will end up as a security guard". One might have listened to this statement as a kid. However, being a common belief doesn't make it true. Being a security guard requires great skills, including observation, nerves of steel, good communication, and technological expertise to operate the latest security equipment like screening devices and handheld detectors. In terms of training, a good security guard company trains all its guards in communication skills, hazard management, and mishap prevention.

Security Guards Cost a Lot

It’s a common misconception that only high net worth individuals and large companies can afford to hire security personnel. However, this isn't always the case. Good security agencies provide a variety of security guards with different sets of skills. A basic security guard doesn't cost much, whereas a highly trained professional can cost accordingly.

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