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  • Babatunde Fadairo

Against the Odds: 3 Ways to Prevent and Mitigate the Effects of School Shootings

We have seen some school shooting incidents in the past. Fortunately, there are some proven approaches and strategies that schools can implement to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. People who have committed such heinous crimes have been found with mental problems

like despair, anger, and suicidal thoughts. Although most importantly, they have been found with access to guns. The best place to identify students at risk and students with despair is schools. Signs of distress are often shown by the perpetrator. If these signs are ignored, they may result in acts of extreme violence. Here are things that can be done to minimize the chances of such incidents.

Emotional and Social Skills

Playtime in children's life teaches them a lot more than what meets the eye. It teaches children emotional control, recognition of feelings of others, and negotiation. However, frequent use of the internet and a decrease in playtime have reduced opportunities for children to learn social skills. Children should be taught emotional and social skills in school as a preventive measure against violence. This will allow students to develop more fluent social and emotional skills; as a result, peers will find it easier to connect with others. This will also encourage students to recognize those who require help.

Use Technological Measures

Technology may adversely affect a child's social development, but it can also be beneficial at times. A text message-based anonymous complaint system can help students and parents alert school counselors, security, and law enforcement if they witness any unusual activity or a firearm. This can enable early intervention.

Hire More Counselors and Security

Many schools ignore the need for adjustment counselors, psychologists, and highly skilled security staff. However, these experts are considered society's best defense against troubled students. Highly trained school resources act as a support system by connecting especially with those kids who happened to have few other relationships. Professionally trained security guards are experts in depicting body language, and they can observe a kid outside the classroom and report any sign of trouble to the counselor. With good security staff, chances of anyone carrying firearms to school also reduce. Hiring highly qualified counseling and security resources will cost money, but the benefits coming along will be even greater.

It's better to be safe than sorry. Together we can make the world safer for ourselves and our children. If you're seeking a security guard company in New York City, FBY Security Services is the best solution for you. We offer numerous services ranging from Unarmed Security Guard Services to executive security guard services. Contact us today to make your school a safer place for young minds.

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