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  • Babatunde Fadairo

Bank Protection: How to Enhance Bank Security

Despite all the advanced security measures, a great number of bank robberies happen every year around the US. As a matter of fact, NYC banks are one of the easiest targets to rob in the country. However, this does not mean keeping customers and bank staff safe is impossible or bank robberies are unpreventable. We are writing this blog to suggest some ways bank administration can enhance the security of the bank.

Educate Customers and Employees

The customers and employees of a bank can play a crucial role in the prevention of bank robberies, or at least reduce the damage that happens in event of a robbery. Banks can arrange employee consultation sessions to prepare all the employees about how to react during a robbery, spread awareness about the different ways bank staff can notify authorities without making it obvious to the robbers, and teach ways that can keep the staff from harm and danger.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Banks should install as many CCTV cameras as they can, especially covering entrances leading towards the bank and parking lots. Robbers, in most cases, look for places where they are least expected or places that aren't under surveillance by a security camera. Having several surveillance cameras covering all areas of the bank can strengthen the security system.

Keep a Round the Clock Watch

Acquire the services of a security company that can offer security services 24 hours. Oftentimes, robbers examine banks when they are closed to plan the robbery and their escape routes. There also have been instances where thieves broke into the banks in the absence of the staff. You can prevent this from happening by ensuring security guards patrolling the premises at all times.

Update Security System

Robbers keep inventing different hacks and techniques to get past your security system undetected. On the other hand, security companies keep advancing their security systems to fail the hacks and techniques of robbers. New technology is much difficult to cheat or hack as compared to a widely known technology. Therefore, banks should inspect their security systems for vulnerabilities and invest regularly in upgrading their security systems to the latest technology.

Hire a Reliable Security Guard Company

Security guards play the most crucial part when it comes to the prevention of bank robberies. Trained security guards take every measure that they can to keep the customers and employees safe and to prevent a robbery. Unfortunately, the majority of security guards in a bank are either under-equipped or non-experienced to handle such a situation. Therefore, while hiring a security officer, make sure to choose a renowned and reliable security company. Keep in mind a trained armed security guard is always better than an inexperienced unarmed guard.

If you are looking for highly trained and reliable security guards in New York City, FBY Security Services is what you are looking for. Along with armed and unarmed security guards for banks, we also provide Executive Security Guard Services and Residential Security Services in NYC. Get in touch with us and find out more.

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