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  • Babatunde Fadairo

Does My Office Need a Security Service?

There never is enough reason to be cocky about your safety, no matter where you are. And if our highly volatile world and highly vile fellow men have taught us anything, it’s this: safe is an iffy word.


If you thought burglars never looked twice at offices because there are enough houses and banks to go to, think again. Burglars also target businesses at any chance they get;this nuisance has escalated, especially under the coronavirus restrictions. For the record, burglaries during the coronavirus epidemic doubled as compared to those committed in the previous years. Here’s an example: in 2019, the NYPD reported a total of 210 commercial burglaries. In 2020, that number jumped to 564—that is to say, they increased by 169%.

Commercial burglaries aren’t limited to people attacking shops and malls. Robbers know that offices have money too. They might have inside information on your payday or if your office keeps cash on deck. What we’re saying is, you don’t want to take that chance.

And it isn’t Just Robbers

If you think you’re threatened by robbers and by robbers alone, think again. There’s a lot more where that comes from. Mass shootings are something we are all very much familiar with and are something none of us would ever like to be caught up in. Let’s not forget that there have been instances in which people—Brenda Spencer, to be exact—shot up people because she hated Mondays. There was no way Mondays could get any worse than they already are, but a shooter who gets inside a building without any checks can do just that.

The Terrorist Threat

Terrorism is a real threat in today’s world. Given how the post 9/11 era has set fuel to fire, we need to be extra vigilant about how we guard our most-frequented places. For starters, let’s look at how terrorists decide which place to hit. They will look for populated places that are frequented by people on an almost daily basis—which an office is.Next, they look for easy targets, which can be subdued and are defenseless—which office workers can classify as. They count on these targets to not be vigilant or on the lookout, which, if you have a desk job, you are definitely won’t be. We aren’t saying people with desk jobs are gullible, but being experienced in office politics won’t prepare you for greater threats.

Get Security for Your Office

If you are the manager or the owner of an office space, the least you can do is hire a professional security service for your employees and staff. Their safety is your responsibility. Get in touch with FBY Security Services today for more details. We provide security to schools, hotels, malls, restaurants, and to other places in NYC. We have certified and trained personnel on board who are well-equipped to plan every little security detail for your office. Regardless of which NYC neighborhood your office is in—from Downtown Brooklyn to Greenwood Heights, we’ll provide you with the right security.

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