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What Situations Require a Temporary Security Guard?

For many people, getting 24-hour security services seems like it can be unnecessary. Most regular individuals or even businesses can do fine without one. However, there are situations that can arise where a person may need temporary security guards. In these situations, even if they aren’t dangerous, having additional security can be helpful.

A number of different situations can warrant requiring temporary protective services, and not many people may be aware of when that might be. Today we will discuss some of the various times you might need added security.

Private Events & Parties

One of the biggest uses for temporary security services is for private events. You don’t need to be someone who is incredibly rich to require security at parties or events that you might be hosting. Any place where a large number of individuals are gathered should ideally have some level of security to prevent unauthorized entry, to ensure that the guests are properly behaving, and to kick someone out in case they are being a nuisance or a threat to other people present.

Private parties are usually a hotbed of issues. Having security to help the host manage people coming in can ease things up and keep things under control when they might be on the verge of breaking out into full-blown problems.

Transport Security

Transportation security is often required for when a high-profile person a valuable item is being transported from one place to another. While you might not normally carry anything very valuable, if you are in a situation where you need high-value items transported either for work or personal reasons, getting temporary security can help put your mind at ease about doing so.

Alternatively, if you find yourself having to escort business executives or partners, celebrities, or other VIPs for work purposes, then having temporary security for transportation may be necessary. A good security service will be able to check routes beforehand and prepare for any and all potential threats.

Emergency Services

Temporary security guards are also especially useful in an emergency. For situations that can worsen immediately and become dangerous, like suddenly coming across a shooter, a fire breaking out, or someone needing CPR, a temporary security guard can step in and manage the problems on their own.

A good security team is trained for a number of different situations and can subdue dangerous individuals, lead an evacuation, and even resuscitate someone when needed. Some security services can also be contacted directly in case of such an emergency to have someone deployed to your location immediately or as and when necessary.

If you ever require temporary guard services in NYC, then consider contacting our team at FBY Security Services. We are a licensed security services company that offers all sorts of different protection services. You can rely on us for everything from temporary security to full-time 24/7 patrols for buildings. Get in touch with us today and get a quote for your required services.

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