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Why Your Business Needs a Security Guard

Businesses—small or big—are vulnerable to security attacks. News reports show a spike in the crime rate across New York recently, and that is as good as reason as any to consider hiring security to protect your business.

Here are a few reasons all businesses need security guards.

1. Security And Defense Purposes

Hiring a security guard means security for your premises, employees, and valuables. With rising crime rates, guaranteeing all of these has become a basic need. It creates a sense of well-being among employees who know that their employers are worried about their safety. This becomes important, especially in areas that have a high crime rate, and helps retain employees.

2. Preventing Crime

Having a security guard means they act as a physical deterrent against crime. Burglars, trespassers, and anyone with malicious intent is likely to think twice before attacking such an area. A security guard is more experienced at preventing crime than a surveillance camera.

3. Customer Service

Hiring a security guard can also be a part of an overall customer service strategy because of the intent to provide security to your customers. Additionally, a security guard can act as an escort and guide the clients, helping them get to their cars safely, particularly after dark.

4. Monitoring Purpose

Surveillance and monitoring are an essential part of a security guard's job. Taking regular patrols around the premises allows the prevention of any crimes and helps keep trespassers away. Additionally, if you have installed a surveillance system, a security guard is responsible for maintaining close watch of the property through that aid.

5. Handling Crime or Emergencies

A security guard is trained to deal with emergencies and handle crimes of various levels and degrees. Depending on whether a business decides to hire armed security services or unarmed security services, the procedures and effective action may vary.

Signs Your Business Needs A Security Guard

Here are some signs that you may need to hire the services of a security guard for your business.

1. You are located in a high-crime area.

2. You face parking lot security issues.

3. There have been incidents of theft on or near your premises.

4. You serve alcohol on your premises.

5. You have needed help before in emergencies.

Final Word

Hiring a security guard is good for everyone’s safety and well-being. Look no further than FBY Security Services. The professionals provide security for premises and events in New York.

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