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  • Babatunde Fadairo

Who Requires Executive Protection?

Given the evolving nature of risk and security threats, people’s need for mitigating risks has also changed. Executive protection is not a new concept. It’s common knowledge that people who enjoy a high profile may face threats of various kinds to their life, property, or the work they do.

Executive protection programs are specially developed for people or organizations that face such threats to help them mitigate the security risks.

You need executive protection if:

You’re A Public Figure

Generally, high profile people, such as celebrities, politicians, athletes, politicians, dignitaries, or wealthy individuals,need to protect themselves from various threats. These include threats to their lives, property, and dignity. Stalking, for example, is a common threat that celebrities can face. Additionally, threats to life and property due to personal hatred are also common.

You Have A Need To Be Discrete

Some VIPs, such as politicians or dignitaries, need privacy and discretion to carry out the work they are involved in. For this purpose, the help of public law enforcement can also be incorporated into their security plans.But that is often limited due to the shortage of officials on the government's part. Enlisting help from private security companies can help VIPs sort this trouble.

To Prevent The Company From Disruption

Many corporate executives face the threat of assaults, injury, and even death at their workplaces. This can disrupt their work as they try to cope and deal with these security issues. Shielding yourself from such threats can be made possible through acquiring executive safety.

To Mitigate Unidentified Risks

The points mentioned above list some risks and threats that are not identified. But many threats and dangers are unforeseen, and having a security plan ready can help deal with known threats and prepare for ones that have not been identified.

The Benefits Of Executive Protection

Executive protection is beneficial primarily for the sake of mental peace. Most VIPs are already involved in the stressful nature of work and can be overwhelmed when faced with challenges to their security or homes. Executive security can be extended to secure one's digital, financial and familial assets and help return your peace of mind.

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