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Healthcare Protection: How to Enhance Hospital Security

While visiting a hospital, an individual is already concerned about their health and medical bills. However, in such vulnerable times, security concerns shouldn't be something they should be worrying about. Unfortunately, security in many hospitals isn't up to the mark. Here are a few measures that can be taken to enhance a hospital's security.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring can be a very useful tool in enhancing a hospital's security. CCTV cameras remain operational round the clock and can be monitored in real-time. This can allow the security staff to keep a tab on different activities that happen all around a hospital. In case of any criminal activity, surveillance footage can be provided as visual evidence to law enforcement authorities. Surveillance cameras can help prevent unauthorized entries, false allegations, and major crimes in a hospital.

IVM (Intelligent Video Monitoring)

Customized software programs significantly increase your footage-based security. They operate by using various algorithms to smartly detect suspicious actions and alert the concerned people to handle the situation accordingly.

Access Control System

Hospitals have expensive machinery, medical equipment, and confidential data. Securing all these things is necessary. Moreover, some technology can be mishandled or misused if not secured. So it's best to install ACS (Access Control Systems) that require keycards for entry. This allows entry to authorized people only.

Screen Visitors

Screening everyone coming in or out of a hospital is a good way to improve security. Tracking someone suspicious can be made easy by incorporating the picture taken at the point of entry into IVM.

Placing Security Guards

It might sound very simple, but placing guards at every exit and entrance, including the roof and basement, can prove very effective. High-profile security guards from a good security guard company are trained to read body language and negotiate with criminals. Moreover, patients, staff, and attendants feel much safer being protected by a trained human. Besides security services, security guards add value in terms of customer support by greeting, assisting, and navigating patients and attendants.

Good security services in a hospital provide peace of mind to patients and healthcare workers. If you live in New York or surrounding areas and need security guards or other security services, feel free to contact us. FBY SECURITY SERVICES provides the most comprehensive, adaptable and professional security services in all of New York City and surrounding areas. Contact now for more details.

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